April J

April J was born when fashion expert Jazmin Whitley wanted to share her love of fine jewelry. The memories that come along with owning a timeless piece of beautiful jewelry is very special. Jazmin Whitley has always loved that moment of putting the final touch to a perfect outfit and looking for the one piece of jewelry that says this look is complete.

She has been in love with a line of handcrafted jewelry for years and now she created the perfect collection with them to bring you

April J Jewelry

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Jazmin Whitley is a fashion designer and celebrity wardrobe stylist that has been in the fashion industry for 15 years. She began in fashion design and has ten ready to wear collections under her belt.  She has styled everything from A-list red carpet events, music videos, award shows, book covers, magazine covers,

editorials, fashion shows, to personal events like weddings, birthday events, and special occasions. 

Her expertise in style, trends, and personal expression thought the art of fashion comes from years of fashion design. Jazmin Whitley has dressed the top creators of both TV and social media. Her clients have been seen on many a best dressed list!