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Merrell Twins attend Mandalorian red carpet premiere - Styled by Jazmin Whitley

Veronica and Vanessa Merrell got invited to attend the Mandalorian season 3 premiere. Naturally they called me to create a red carpet look! We talked about staying "on theme" so I pulled outfits that had a little bit of a Mandalorian feel to them. We tried so many looks, you can watch the behind the scenes of our fitting on my YouTube Channel

Veronica is wearing a long red dress with an abstract print by H&M Studio collection, unlike the typical H&M designs the H&M Studio collection offers styles that are more fashion forward and hit a higher price point. Vanessa is wear a vintage metallic corset top layered with a vintage velvet jumpsuit. Her heels are by PINKO, an italian brand known for fun statement looks. Both veronica and Vanessa are wearing accessories by Graham Cruz.


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