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Neon Green is the Color of the Moment

My eye keeps gravitating to the vibrant neon green every time I walk into a fashion showroom. Ever since late last year when I got my neon green Givenchy shoulder bag I have been obsessed with the color. I think because I mostly wear black , it feels nice having a pop of color with a fun shoe or bag. I wore my black hoodie and track pants to the Dior pop up on Melrose for the Dior X Erl and my neon green bag made the look:

When I was pulling samples for the Grammys I saw some gorgeous options in black, and gold, silver, red...all the "typical" award show season color gowns. I was looking for something fun and young for my client Dai Time, this was her FIRST grammy carpet and she wanted to make a statement. When I found the neon green strapless dress by H&M studio I knew I found her dress. I think we will be seeing the color in accessories and clothes until end of summer of 2023

When I refreshed Rihanna's instagram I saw her in a sheer neon dress styled with an edgy black shoe. Just a little later Bella Hadid posted a cotton zip up in the neon green shade backstage with some under eye patches on looking comfy cozy.

It seems like all the influencers have been on the neon green vibe, I really loved the corset top I saw Alisha Marie in , and the neon textured mini dress was so y2k on Symonne Harrison. Symonne wore the look for an Amazon brunch event with white pumps. Queen of instagram pictures Anastasia Karanikolaou shared a recent photo shoot on her instagram in a neon pool look.



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